Ability in Action: Kokoda 2018 Youth Off The Streets
Ability in Action: Kokoda 2018
Youth Off The Streets
Ability in Action: Kokoda 2018
Ability in Action: Kokoda 2018

My Story

The unstoppable duo!

At the age of 13, Adam was diagnosed with Ewings Sarcoma, a rare form of bone cancer, in his right hip. The treatment took 3 years in total, due to major complications, which resulted in having half of his pelvis removed.

Adam lived with chronic pain daily for many years, and up until recently, he relied on using walking aids, including a wheelchair.

Rani was just 9 years old when she experienced her two catastrophic brain injuries, the first triggered by a soccer ball at school. Doctors discovered that she has an underlying condition called arteriovenous malformation, which resulted in total right-side paralysis, amnesia, speech complications, epilepsy and many more issues which are still present today.

In January 2017, at the age of 30, Rani had another AVM haemorrhage, and is still recovering.

Through the many challenges that they have both faced, Adam and Rani have cultivated unstoppable mindsets that drive them to continue exploring the limits of what is possible.

Everyone has adversity...

The reality is everyone faces their own challenges and needs support at various times throughout their life. Adam and Rani are living examples of how to utilize the power of the mind to move through life’s challenges powerfully.

They are both incredibly passionate about sharing these skills with the younger generations both here in Australia and around the world.

The link between Kokoda and the youth of today.

In World War II, thousands of young Australians were sent into battle, facing horrendous atrocities and harsh realities, that most of us will never be able to comprehend, to secure the freedom that we enjoy today.

Adam and Rani are not only drawn to hiking Kokoda because of the deep history that is carried within the 96kms that makes up the track, but for them it is symbolises an opportunity to put their own minds to the test and the importance of team-work to tackle such a feat.

Team work is particularly important for tackling the issues that many younger people face today, including homelessness, which affects over 100,000 people in Australia, with 36,000 of those being young people.

Here’s what we’re doing about it

By hiking the Kokoda Trek, we have committed to raising money for Youth Off The Streets. A charity with a powerful mission to help disconnected young people discover greatness within. We would also like to take this opportunity to acknowledge our major sponsor, Clubs NSW, without their support none of this would be possible.

Your donation will provide homeless teenagers with opportunities to improve their lives through providing education so that they can develop important life skills, help build self-esteem and give them oppertunities to engage in community activities.

Join Us!!!

Ability in Action: Kokoda 2018 is an initiative by the Age of Ability, who are on a mission to transform the way people perceive their limitations and to inspire them to live a life that they love, regardess of the challenges that they face.

We don't like just talking about it, we want to walk our talk and showcase what is truly possible when we transform the way we percieve our limitations, and that's why Ability in Action: Kokoda 2018 was born.

What will your money buy?

$10 - can provide a hot meal to a homeless young person from our volunteer-run Food Van

$25 - can provide a homeless young person with a ‘personal kit’ of tooth brush, tooth paste and deodorant

$50 - can provide a student “resources kit’ for a young person attending one of our accredited high schools

$90 - can facilitate a trauma counselling session for 2 young people

$120 - can provide a drug and alcohol rehabilitation session for up to 3 young people

$300 - can provide a ‘work ready’ workshop for two young people seeking employment

$540 - can provide a three-hour Outreach session connecting our staff with vulnerable young people

$1,125 - will support our Street Walk program for three nights helping to protect young people

$11,800 - will help 50 young people overcome trauma with access to qualified counsellors

Donate today!

Thank You

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